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I don't think the first methods you sgeegstud will protect you from fake web site. This is because the fake web site will simply act as a proxy server. It will actaully lead you to the correct bank server. So, you will recevied all the "correct" info and response from the real server. However, the "proxy" will collect all the password/info you enter and the info the bank send back to you. It is just like a firewall that collect info. You will not notice anything different.That is also why it is not a wise thing to log into your bank account using your office's computer if your office internet access must pass thru the office proxy server. The only way that may help is to check your last login time against your record. However, if I were the hacker, I will only need to enter your account once and transfer all your money and go. By the time you find out, it will be too late anyway.