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Cat peploe vs dog peploe.That was a pretty cute dog....and I'm glad that it worked out.I agree 100%. Dogs are a huge commitment and it isn't fair to you or the dog if you can't give them the attention that they need.I've never understood peploe who get dogs and put them in kennels in their back yard. Locked up all of the time...never let out to play.We had a neighbor with this GORGEOUS HUGE yellow lab that he NEVER and I mean maybe once a week if that...let this dog out of it's jail. He was a super freak about his yard and lawn. He didn't want the kids playing on it let alone a big dog.We talked them into letting us a find a home for the poor thing. We did and he is now practically the biggest and most loved lap dog you'll ever see.I don't know why I told you that story. :) talkative I guess.